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Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, Code Words, Cultural Appropriation, and Privilege — topics which are entering the American vernacular and consciousness. Are they issues indicative of an infantilized generation of college students or legitimate concerns?

My comedic novel, A Sorry State, runs 104,472 words and tells the story of Charlie Monteiro, an affluent only child and the product of a disturbingly damaged marriage, who seeks solace in his hopeless devotion to a girl — one who no longer wishes to be with him. Determined to win the girl back and escape his poor situation at home, Charlie stalks her to Webbman College, a prestigious New England Small College.

When he arrives, he discovers things do not follow his expected narrative, and he is quickly swept into the antics of crazy roommates, ominous school sponsored equity offices, rowdy fraternities, dangerous debates, religious fanatics, radical feminists, and a series of wild escapades — all while trying to decipher his own love interests.

While hoping to be a light, entertaining, and a comedic read, my real intent is to satirize the absurd, totalitarian tendencies we are seeing around campuses in the Western world.

If you see the commercial potential in this project, especially given the current political/social climate, you can request a full manuscript here or email me at

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Malhar Mali