What Is This?

It’s a bit of navel-gazing. It’s a bit of an attempt at serious writing. And it’s a place where I explore questions and ideas which fascinate me. In general, I’m interested in what’s going on in the world, storytelling in nearly all its formats, and trying to understand how and why people think in the ways that they do—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what I’ll write about (see: navel-gazing).

I have a long reading-list of non-fiction I hope to get through sometime in my life so you’ll often find reviews and recaps of these books on here. I’ll occasionally write shorter op-eds and lengthier research pieces. Maybe even some fiction.

Consider this as a fluid portfolio of sorts where I continue to work on becoming a better writer. There’s a lot of content on the internet but not all of it is good (or even close to what people might consider “good”). But I’m hoping that this website will be different and bring you—whoever you are—some entertainment, knowledge, or at least some type of value.