Tennis inbox: a newsletter for the busy tennis lover

Since I use this website as a personal portfolio of sorts, I thought it was time for an update. When I first started writing “publicly,” a lot of my content was focused on analyzing culture and media trends and providing commentary around free expression. It was the main focus of Areo, which is the digital magazine I founded in 2016 (and sold a few years later).

One of the main reasons for wanting to move away from that kind of writing was that I found it too combative. There is a type of person who loves to spend their day reading, arguing, and debating ideas and people. I realized after a while that it wasn’t me. I found the work too stressful, too full of bad actors, and at times it left me wondering if I was even achieving what I had set out to accomplish: which was to reduce political and cultural polarization.

I spent the last few years since selling Areo a little quiet on the public writing front, working mostly on a couple novels. I’m sure I’ll return to those sometime in the future.

But for now I know what I want to write about. Sport: namely: tennis. This might come out of left field if you know me mainly from my prior writing, but I’ve been playing since I was 11.

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